I'm a passionate artist and local photographer based in

Colorado | United States, I use my photography to support communities and societies such as Refugees & Immigrants,  Disabled children, by Auctioning my pieces for fundraising. I'm also an activist, Photographystorrytellor, and Autism Advocates.

I have a bachelor degree in science, I'm a single Austim Mom, I'm originally from Iraq, lived my childhood in London. the most expensive  gear I use in my work is "PASSION" 


I worked as a graphic designer and photographer for over eight

years in Zain telecom Iraq and previously I work for the same position with Iraqi American Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

I'm a registered Photographer for Light & Composition University


I'm Also a mentor and photographer for Picture Me Here Denver


Besides photography, I'm also a public speaker at Refugee Speaker Bureau Colorado 

 I joined Picture Me Here in 2017  as a Photographer, Mentor, and storyteller. I also worked at Rocky Mountains Human Services as a volunteer photographer for the year 2016. In the same year, I was part of  Denver Month of Photography had one of my pieces presented by The Big Picture Gallery. 

in 2017 I was a speaker representing  Lutheran Family Services during (Saint Swim's Day) Implemented

by Lutheran Church for Refugees Fundraising. and Also with the same organization I worked and collaborated in one of their short films called ( I'm your friendly neighbor). I exhibited my photographs at Gala Dinner fundraising event at the Westin -DIA.

Also, I lately Participated in Faces of Us project presented by Project Worth More Where two of 

my Art Pieces was sold out via our Neighbors, Ourselves' art gallery & fundraiser.


I exhibited six pieces during ( Dear Younger Me ) Reception in Colorado Photographic Art Center and RedLind Gallery . and Wolverine Farm in Fort Collins. I Also presented three photography storytelling projects in the Rocky Mountains College of Art and Design all presented by Picture Me Here.



I started photography with Sony H7 and Carel Zias lenses, and eventually moved to Nikon Full-Fram DSLR’s. Graphic Design has helped me to strengthen my photographic perspective.  I also work as a Contributor photographer selling my work  at http://www.shutterstock.com


Plenty of Worldwide magazines has featured me and my artworks as well as my story such as:-


I also Participated in International Photography Salons in Australia and Dubai. and Lately had my work showed in several art galleries in Denver like Artwork Network and I'm a part of the most significant Photographic event - Denver Month of Photography.



Here's some of my published work ... be my guest!














The last thing I'd say about me is ,.  If it happens to be asked about which gears I rather use in my photography, I would say with a grin:-

It's Passion!

6795 E Tennessee Ave ,
Denver, CO 80224

+1 303 5892691

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