I'm a passionate artist and local photographer based in

Colorado | United States, I use my photography to support communities and societies such as Refugees & Immigrants,  Disabled children, by Auctioning my pieces for fundraising. I'm also an activist, Photographystorrytellor, and Autism Advocates.

I have a bachelor degree in science, I'm a single Austim Mom, I'm originally from Iraq, lived my childhood in London. the most expensive  gear I use in my work is "PASSION" 


I worked as a graphic designer and photographer for over eight

years in Zain telecom Iraq and previously I work for the same position with Iraqi American Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

I'm a registered Photographer for Light & Composition University


I'm Also a mentor and photographer for Picture Me Here Denver


Besides photography, I'm also a public speaker at Refugee Speaker Bureau Colorado 

 I joined Picture Me Here in 2017  as a Photographer, Mentor, and storyteller. I also worked at Rocky Mountains Human Services as a volunteer photographer for the year 2016. In the same year, I was part of the Denver Month of Photography had one of my pieces presented by The Big Picture Gallery. 

in 2017 I was a speaker representing  Lutheran Family Services during (Saint Swim's Day) Implemented

by Lutheran Church for Refugees Fundraising. and Also with the same organization I worked and collaborated in one of their short films called ( I'm your friendly neighbor). I exhibited my photographs at the Gala Dinner fundraising event at the Westin -DIA.

Also, I lately Participated in Faces of Us project presented by Project Worth More Where two of 

my Art Pieces was sold out via our Neighbors, Ourselves' art gallery & fundraiser.


I exhibited six pieces during ( Dear Younger Me ) Reception in Colorado Photographic Art Center and RedLind Gallery . and Wolverine Farm in Fort Collins. I Also presented three photography storytelling projects in the Rocky Mountains College of Art and Design all presented by Picture Me Here.



I started photography with Sony H7 and Carel Zias lenses, and eventually moved to Nikon Full-Fram DSLR’s. Graphic Design has helped me to strengthen my photographic perspective.  I also work as a Contributor photographer selling my work  at http://www.shutterstock.com


Plenty of Worldwide magazines has featured me and my artworks as well as my story such as:-


I also Participated in International Photography Salons in Australia and Dubai. and Lately had my work showed in several art galleries in Denver like Artwork Network and I'm a part of the most significant Photographic event - Denver Month of Photography.


Bill SB 230 Committee Hearing | Testimony

Bill SB 230 Signing Ceremony

Chat4Change by Women Foundation of Colorado | Panelist

Refugee Speakers Bureau | Speaker

Picture Me Here | Mentor Artist and speaker

Colorado Photographic Art center | Speaker for Dear Younger Me Here by PMH

Rocky Mountain Art and design | Artist for Digital Storytelling Exhibit by PMH

Denver Month of Photography | the Big Picture | Participant Artist

R-Bazaar | Art Vendor

Saint Swim’s Day by Lutheran Family Services | Speaker

Faces of Us by Project Worth More | Art Vendor

10 min talk by Red Line Gallery | Speaker for PMH



Here's some of my published work ... be my guest!














The last thing I'd say about me is,  If it happens to be asked about which gears I rather use in my photography, I would say with a grin:-

It's Passion!

8181 S Parker Rd, Centennial, CO 80016

+1 303 5892691

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